Everyone's a Retard but You and I.
Forget about ALL the Tumblr’s!


Man, I wish I had one of those

And by “one of those” I mean a life. Sorry I haven’t been tumblring (tumbling?) recently, it’s not my fault, I bought Pokémon White after months of hiding from it.

God it’s good, it has it’s flaws of course, like everything else, but I like that they’ve totally cut out all the previous generations of ‘mon so that it feels like you’re in a new land. I have to say though, the fact that there’s now 3 rivals makes me want to…moan about it on the Internet I guess. It was bad enough back in Silver/Gold with that Red-haired bawbag, but 3? Seriously? And to have the audacity to imply that 2 of them are my FRIENDS?! Bastards.

On another note, Omino is nearly where I want him to be in terms of gear, I’ve exhausted all the Justice Point gear, but I still haven’t got a fucking belt, I’m still using a shitty ilvl 333 one till I hit exalted with the Ramkahen. At least I’m nearly there, 8k/21k so far.

Oh yeah, while I remember, I got them moooOOOooOOooOoves like Jagger

Apparently I’m lucky

I decided I’d go farm some herbs seeing as I’m running low on flasks n shit, so as I was flying around Twilight Highlands collecting my Twilight Jasmine, I see a beast off in the distance, long story short, I have Sambas.

U jelly internet?

U jelly internet?

I don’t know about you…

But it would appear that the new Facebook layout is the worst social networking site since Bebo, maybe everyone will start using Google+ and I won’t be such a loner.

*psst* Just in case you didn’t realise, this was my way of telling you all to start using G+

Here, have many invites: https://plus.google.com/i/q1q0sVFIzdk:gChrR3Y6TQE


It’sh time to get completely shmashed…hic!

Brewfest is probably my all-time favourite event in WoW, it’s just awesome.

Plus, the trinkets from Coren Direbrew are bad-ass and he drops a dickload of money, killed him about 50 times so far just for the hell of it, I got the Brewfest Ram this morning, shame it wasn’t the Kodo but I’ve got 2 weeks to get that so we shall see.

By the way, Omino is a fucking beast  healer, if I do say so myself.

You have mail!

It was from Rhonin, congratulating me for finally leaving the shithole that is Northrend…Aw yeah, Omino dinged 80 ladies and gentlemen, now it’s the short road to 85 and the real fun can begin.

Only one thing remains…I must choose, Hyjal or Vashj’ir?